The Keeper Wonder Woman Knitting Bag-Misfit

The Keeper Wonder Woman Knitting Bag-Misfit

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NEW, Revamped, and Improved! Knitters and Crocheters spoke and SewFlo excitedly jumped to the challenge. Specifically designed with customer's suggestions in mind.  Time and time again fiber-lovers requested a little something to tote around their current masterpiece, but not any old strap would do and thus The Keeper was masterfully created. 

As all Yarn Stars proudly know, unbound hands means more squishy yarn caressing, embracing, and bountiful stash enhancements. Feel free to call The Keeper, the Enabler as his (approximate 1.25 inch wide by 21 inch) long durable strap allows fiber fans to do just that.  The Keeper can be worn as an over the shoulder purse or even a Crossbody to free up frisky hands for yarn buying adventures.  More the athletic Knitting and Crocheting type?  Then let's get those steps in!  Slip on The Keeper Crossbody style and start walking with no more worries about stress or pressure on wrists or pant loops.  Speaking of athletic, Superheroes can subtly sweep through the city with fiber goodness inside The Keeper and still have extra room for a crime fighting disguise. Mysteriously stroll into Fiber Night at the local Coffee House with just one bag and leave everyone asking themselves, Is it a purse?  Is it a project bag? Only The Keeper's Guardian knows! Whipping up something for the big green guy will now be easy peasy as storing the 700 gram DK weight shawl for him will not cause a fret thanks to The Keeper's hulk size.  Towering at approximately 13 inches tall and strutting his beastly bottom at  5 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches, The Keeper will proudly be the man for enormous love.  As uncovered in the 2nd photo above, peeking inside will be enchanting to the eyes as the green guys gift glowingly grows.

Many a battle has proven, Villains and Vigilantes can soar around with confidence holding and pulling on the durable coordinating drawstring strap. Proven endurance and kick-butt compliments, allows us to proudly guarantee* all  SewFlo drawstring straps.  If any drawstring strap wears out from normal wear and tear, we will replace the strap at no cost to the buyer. 

Now for the technical stuff...We know this may be boring, but we have to. Drawstring strap print may vary to keep things interesting.   To get the most out of any SewFlo goodie, we recommend spot cleaning only. If said goodie was dipped in tomato sauce and topped with chocolate syrup, wash in a lingerie bag on gentle in cold water then tumble dry low or line dry. Or head back over to SewFlo and let's go shopping for a sparkling new gem.  We aim to have fantastically incredible fabrics in limited quantities because who wants to walk into the Coffee Shop with 5 other people who have the exact same bag?!  Speaking of fabric, fabric placement on each bag may vary to add to the uniqueness of handmade goodies in the shop. Handmade goodies become extra unique when the characters and design of the print is large and/or spread-out.  We must admit, even though we aim for perfection, bag measurements may vary by a fingerbreadth in each direction.  At last, let's get really technical...please take the time to read our shop policies before making a purchase. Our shop policies also house more information on the drawstring strap guarantee. 

*See Shop Policies for more details. 

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