Large Wedge Misfit Knitting Bag-Macarons

Large Wedge Misfit Knitting Bag-Macarons

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Meet The Misfits! This rare gem is One of a Kind or the last of its kind.

SewFlo's Large Wedge Bag is the Big Guy of our Wedge Series. This roomy bag is ideal for carrying your larger knitting projects such as shawls, 2 smaller projects, or a baby blanket, etc. Your notions pouch will fit inside with your larger sized project too! SewFlo bags are created with a coordinating inside fabric, which gives the bags some pizzazz. As seen in the photos above, this style bag comes in 2 other sizes too!
Approximate Dimensions:
Height=12" Width=13.75"
Length x Width at base= 8.75" by 5"

Some bag features:
*Fabric Zipper Pull
*Durable/high quality zipper
*Lined with coordinating fabric (Photo 2)
*Can fit a SewFlo small zipper bag or two

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