Doctor Who Zipper Pouch Misfit

Doctor Who Zipper Pouch Misfit

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Meet The Misfits! This rare gem is One of a Kind or the last of its kind.

The perfect little handmade zipper bag to carry all your must-have essentials. This style bag from SewFlo is great for holding an array of goodies. As always, this pouch features a coordinating cotton lining (Photo 2) and a durable/high quality zipper with a fabric zipper pull. Bag is approximately 4 inches tall and 7 inches in length.

Zipper bag is great for carrying:
~Money, writing utensils, ID
~lip-gloss, gum, mints, medicine
~Ear-buds, makeup, cell phone
~Craft supplies, notions
~Jewelry, contacts case,etc.

Can be used as:
~Change Purse/Wallet
~Purse Organizer
~Makeup Bag
~Bridesmaids Gift
~Notions Pouch

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